Warcraft Gold or Diablo 3 gold Buyer Review:

Review: Well, I recently ordered 50k gold. It took a little over a day (understandable for such a large order with no supplies in reserve to pay you immediately), I lost 2500 gold from the AH fee's, but the price was still better than the other top sites that I found, and many sites not affiliated with this was pointing this out as one of the better sellers. While my auctions were still going, 2 different people tried to put up the same item under similar names in the hope theirs would be bought, After a quick chat from a CSR, the problem was immediately fixed, and my new items were bought in no time. Great service, good price (even with AH cut), decent delivery time, no attempts at hacking my account. Overall a quick, clean service, and if I had to buy gold again, It would be here.

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