Warcraft Gold or Diablo 3 gold Buyer Review:

Review: My account was flagged and gold removed. I got an in-game mail from Blizzard and an email from them. saying the gold came from a hacked account and that they were removing the gold to return to the player(s) that it was stolen from. I did read the reviews on this company and they were good. I did go the listing items in AH for receiving the gold. since I didn't see a bad review on this company and I read over and over that they did not hack accounts, I went with them. I'm guessing this won't see any read time knowing I can't be the only one this happen to yet I seen no reviews like this. with that said, all in all, the service was great delivery was fast and they did refund me in the end. So If you are going to do this I would say this is a good company. I did this thinking they did not! hack accounts. That was the selling point to me for this company.

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